Roughlee Parish News

19th April – Parish Update

This News is being written shortly after a further three week lock-down has been announced which means we will continue to be restricted until at least the end of the first week in May. What happens beyond this is still highly uncertain but I am sure that we are all longing for something like a return to normality.

ln the first few weeks of the restrictions it is pleasing to note that people in the village have been following Government guidelines and our countryside is very quiet. The unauthorised blocking of some local footpaths appears to have been resolved and local people are able to take much needed exercise. lt is impossible not to sympathise with people who live in towns and cities and do not have ready access to beautiful countryside.

Not surprisingly there is very little formal business to report from the Parish Council. We are aware that many local people are helping neighbours with shopping and other tasks as indicated in the signs outside of the pub and on the village notice board. Thanks to Claire Milligan and Adrienne Swarbrick for these. The village website is a source of information for those who need help. Not everyone has access to the internet and we will continue to look out for any villagers who do not have access but who may need help. The Parish Council is always available to help and our Clerk, Mary Reed, can be contacted on 01282 6tLL26.

As well as supporting the stay-at-home instructions the village has entered with enthusiasm into the Thursday evening clap-in in support of the NHS and other key workers. We can make their lives easier and safer if we continue to follow guidelines. The enthusiasm is further demonstrated by the drums, bells and whistles which have made an appearance.

lan Mortimer has been busy nurturing plants for several weeks and our new village greenhouse is proving to be a useful asset. However, there can be no Roughlee Plant Sale this year so lan will
provide plants with all proceeds going to the Pendleside Hospice. A online sales page will be set up and orders can be placed using the order form on the Roughlee website to avoid cash transactions. There will be individual plants and some boxed selections. Plants can be delivered or collected from various distribution points around the village and Simon Cronshaw will arrange payment and give further details on the Facebook page. However, lan is short of cardboard boxes and compost so any donations, even part bags, would be most helpful.

Finally, it is intended that a virtual meeting of the Parish Council will be held shortly to deal with any formal items of business. Details to be announced but if you have any issues you want to raise, please inform Mary. lt follows that the scheduled meeting in the Village Centre on 4h May will not take place.

— Andrew Walker – Chair, Roughlee Parish Council