Roughlee Parish News

August 2017 – Parish News

Bay Horse Inn

News about the campaign to save the Bay Horse Inn continues to be positive. Sufficient funds have been raised by residents to buy the business and completion of the purchase is expected shortly. Once a tenant has been selected the pub should be open for business later this summer. The fundraising by local people has attracted considerable media interest including a BBC television news item. This is a great credit to the campaign organisers and the many villagers who are supporting efforts to save the pub. Further details and media links here →

Footpath improvements

Pendle Council have now agreed our bid for capital programme money to improve a number of difficult stiles. Two routes, one linking Stang Top Road to Whitehough and the other linking Dam Head to the Pendle Way at Whitehough Plantation, have been partially improved under previous programmes but five stiles remain unimproved and can be difficult, particularly for the less agile members of society. A programme to improve these five stiles will take place this summer.

Nature, Wildlife & Habitats

As explained at our Parish Gathering in June the Parish Council is exploring measures to protect our countryside environment and to raise awareness of the valuable habitats within the parish. click here for a video of the Habitats talk from the Parish Gathering on Facebook →. In this we are being assisted by Pendle Hill Landscape Partnership and the Lancashire Wildlife Trust. The longer term aim is to find out more about or local environment and, where necessary, to introduce measures to protect and enhance the flora and fauna with which we share our countryside.

The July meeting of the Parish Council considered a “shopping list” of measures put forward by the Wildlife Trust which would look in detail at habitats in Roughlee and suggest longer term measures. After much debate and a vote it was decided to proceed initially with a limited approach which will give us much more detailed information on our local habitats and the species which are present. Future measures will be considered when we have these initial reports.

Himalayan Balsam & Pollinators

The aim to remove Himalayan Balsam from our village saw a major effort on 25th June. The river banks between the school and Thorneyholme were largely cleared before the plants began flowering. Whilst this will help the problem will return. Huge areas of Balsam are now in flower upstream towards Barley and these will set the seeds for a return of the plants to Roughlee next year. The only answer is to keep clearing year by year and with co-operation from our up-stream neighbours we may be able to reduce the problem. Further details can be found on the FORA page here →

Whilst Himalayan Balsam is an invasive species which has the potential to overwhelm native species it is a source of nectar for insects. The Parish Council discussed this dilemma and will explore opportunities to plant native wild flowers as an alternative source for pollinators.

Dog Fouling

Attention has been drawn to an increase in dog fouling in the village particularly between Crow Trees and Judson Fold. It is known that much of this is from dogs owned by local people. This is an unpleasant and unnecessary problem and villagers are asked to take care to clean up after their dogs.

Forest of Pendle Leisure Park

Proposals to expand the Forest of Pendle Leisure Park have attracted a large number of objections from local residents and the Parish Council. The expansion would greatly increase visual intrusion and be highly damaging to the environment of the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. We’re pleased to confirm that the planning application was refused by Pendle Council on 12 July following the Parish Council pressing for a refusal.

— Andrew Walker – Chair, Roughlee Parish Council