The Great Roughlee #Stayingathome Birdwatch

The Great Roughlee #Stayingathome Birdwatch

We may be stuck at home for the next few weeks but it gives an opportunity to keep a close eye on nature thriving around us. Based on the popular RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch format, we’ve created a weekly challenge for Roughlee residents to do in the garden.


Please record the highest number of each species you see at any one time during your birdwatch. You can submit multiple forms as you go along, but please don’t duplicate counting. For example, if you see two blue tits at the same time, click ‘2’ under blue tits. If you then see 4 blue tits all together please submit another form with ‘2’ clicked under blue tits. If you later see 3 blue tits, stay at the previously submitted 4 – don’t go up to 7.

If you want to print a sheet out to help you record numbers, please download a sample sheet here.

If you see or hear species not listed below, please record details in the text area at the end of the form.

Help with Identification

  • Don’t forget to consult our detailed Roughlee Spotter guide listing the majority of birds, butterflies, mammals, trees and wildflowers that have previously been spotted in Roughlee and surrounding areas.
  • Roughlee Parish Council have also compiled tons of resources about local wildlife and habitats, including foraging calendars – all online here
  • The RSPB have also produced a guide to Bird Songs if you need help identifying them
  • There’s also some very handy spotter sheets produced by Wildlife Watch to download and print

Please let us know if we’ve missed other great wildlife spotting resources off – email and we’ll get them added to this list