Roughlee Parish News

February 2021 – Parish News

This News is being written in the middle of January and heavy snow is falling. The lockdown restrictions are biting and, like most people, I am missing my friends and the opportunity to travel. By the time you read this we will be heading into February and the prospects for us all may be improving. Let’s hope so.

Christmas hampers

Despite the restrictions the Parish Council have been busy and our meeting on 11th January had a full agenda. As many of you will know the Senior Citizens’ Christmas Lunch had to be cancelled last year but was replaced by a small Christmas hamper which was delivered direct to peoples’ houses. The Parish Council were pleased to receive many expressions of appreciation and recorded their thanks to those villagers who did so much to help, but, in particular to Meg and Michael who suggested the idea and did much of the organisation.

Precept freeze

Amongst the important items we considered was the Parish budget for 2021/22 and the precept to be added to the Borough Council Tax. It was decided that the budget would remain unchanged and that there would be no increase in the precept. This should mean a very small decrease in the precept to be paid by local households.

Village green

As reported previously the Parish Council are looking to designate the riverside behind the school car park as a village green. The area has been used by generations of villagers for recreational purposes and the designation is intended to preserve this use into the future. The land is privately owned and we are hoping that the designation can be made with agreement. The prospects for doing this look good for most of the area.

Village improvements

The Parish is able to access capital contributions from the Borough Council which we use to carry out improvements. This last year we have replaced two village notice boards including the main board at the village centre. Thanks to Andre Smale for his excellent craftsmanship.

Industrial heritage project

For our next capital scheme we are hoping deliver the Roughlee Industrial Heritage Project. Roughlee has a rich and fascinating history which includes two corn mills and three textile mills located at Thorneyholme, Dam Head and the village centre site. Interestingly, for example, the school is on the site of the Dam Head mill and was built using materials from the mill in 1852. The Heritage Project will be involve a number of phases but will include information panels and improvements to a number of historic features. We have yet to receive final approval from the Borough Council but we also expect contributions from the Pendle Hill Landscape Partnership and local landowners. We also have enthusiastic support from the local History Society who are providing details of our history.


Finally and as reported in the last News our Clerk, Mary, has asked to reduce her duties by handing over the Responsible Financial Officer (RFO) duties. The Parish Council established an appointment panel which interviewed three excellent candidates and decided to appoint villager Jon Bailey. Our thanks to all three candidates and we look forward to welcoming Jon when he takes up his duties.

My final comment this month is to wish you well and to hope that you have access to a vaccination as soon as possible.

— Andrew Walker – Chair, Roughlee Parish Council