Roughlee Parish News

June 2020 – Parish News

Although the lockdown is beginning to ease, things in the village remain quiet. Whilst visitors to our countryside have noticeably increased most people seem to be respecting guidelines and enjoying the recent spell of good weather.

One piece of good news can be reported. To help compensate for the loss of income which would normally flow from events at the Village Centre we have received a government grant of £10,000 which will be available to fund maintenance and future events at the Centre. So far it is not clear when we will be able to reopen the Village Centre but we can hope for something later in the summer.

Similar considerations apply to the Bay Horse pub and there are encouraging signs that we may be able to enjoy an outside drink in the not too distant future.

On the 10th June I attended a virtual meeting of the Barrowford and Western Parishes Area Committee where a number of planning applications were discussed. Whilst none were within Roughlee Parish two of them were within the AONB and raised issues which are relevant to our area. Whilst both applications were recommended for approval by the planning officer, one was approved and the other refused. Whilst I made strong representations about the need to protect the AONB my representations were significantly hampered by the vagaries of the virtual committee system. In short the decision on the approved application was nodded through before I could intervene.

Whilst formal meetings of the FORA group are curtailed many villagers are spending time to tidy up litter and tend to our planted areas. The village gardener is also keeping the area tidy. Thanks to all concerned.

Although delayed by the current lockdown the Pendle Hill Landscape Partnership have now launched a new round of the Pendle Hill projects with grants up to £10000 for relevant schemes. Other smaller grants of up to £500 are also available. We have previously enjoyed support from these grant schemes and the Parish Council would welcome ideas from villagers if you have thoughts on how to improve our area.

Perhaps by the next Parish News we will have more positive things to report. Meanwhile, enjoy the summer and let’s hope the good weather lasts!

— Andrew Walker – Chair, Roughlee Parish Council