Roughlee Parish News

June 2021 – Parish News

Almost unbelievably our next Parish council meeting which is scheduled for 5th July will be held in the Village Centre. Substantial cleaning, social distancing and masks will still be necessary but at least there will be some semblance of normality.

Village Centre grant

As mentioned in the last Parish News we have made an application for a FCC Community Foundation grant to carry out repairs and improvements to the Village Centre. Perhaps the most exciting aspect of this application is the proposal to replace the existing doors with double sliding doors which will greatly improve access to the outside space allowing greater flexibility to use the area for functions. The application was highly complicated and required a concentrated effort by officers and members of the Parish Council and Village Centre Committee. We should know in September if our application has been successful.


Regrettably there has been another instance of fly tipping on the stream bank off Jinny Lane. The van carrying the rubbish was recorded on the village CCTV system covering the Happy Valley crossroads but, unfortunately, technical limitations meant that the registration number could not be read. Improvements to overcome these limitations are available and we will look at how these can be paid for.

A solution to the CCTV limitations may rest with funding which could be made available from the Borough council capital programme. Bids for capital funding from Parish Councils will be considered n August and our potential bids will be considered at our 5th July meeting.

Nigel Brotherton

Since our last meeting we have received the resignation of Nigel Brotherton who has returned to full time employment. Nigel has been one of the most active members of the Parish Council and most notably has organised and motivated the activities of FORA which has successfully led our involvement in the Best Kept Village Competition. Fortunately Nigel will continue to manage FORA for the time being and hopefully for years to come. The Parish Council owes Nigel a huge thank you for his hard work which has done so much to improve the village. On a personal note I will very much miss his positive contributions to our deliberations in Parish Council meetings.

Parish Councillor vacancy

In addition to the vacancy created by Nigel’s resignation we are waiting for a decision on our application to increase membership of the Council from seven to nine members. An invitation for expressions of interest from people who wish to join the Council has been publicised on the Parish notice bards and the website and positive responses have been received. The next steps will be considered at our July meeting.

My final word this month is to wish you a happy and enjoyable summer. Formal holidays may be somewhat limited but at least the Bay Horse is open!

— Andrew Walker – Chair, Roughlee Parish Council