Roughlee Parish News

June 2022 – Parish News

Appointment of Officers

The month of May saw both the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council and our regular monthly meeting. The former is a legal requirement and involves the presentation of annual reports and the appointment of officers for the coming year. Andrew Walker was elected as Chair and Simon Cronshaw as Vice-Chair. Colin Williams who has been Vice-Chair of the Council for many years has decided to relinquish the position although he will maintain his association with the Parish Council. The whole village owes a great debt of gratitude to Colin for his very hard work over many years.

Other matters

The normal monthly meeting was also involved with procedural matters relating to Standing Orders, the annual audit and insurance. Perhaps most importantly the Memorandum of Understanding between the Parish Council and the Village Centre Committee was signed by both parties. This sets out the duties and responsibilities of both bodies for the future.

Platinum Jubilee – 2 June

June promises to be a busy month in the village. The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee will be celebrated on 2nd June and represents a joint event with Barley and Goldshaw Booth Parish Councils. The joint organising committee has been very busy and a great day is promised starting at 1pm on the Jubilee field between Whitehough and Narrowgates, with floats processing from Happy Valley at 12pm. We hope there will be a great turnout from the three villages.

Parish Gathering – 28 June, 7pm

As previously notified the annual Parish Gathering will be held at 7pm on Monday 20th June in the Village Centre. We aim to provide an informative and entertaining evening followed by a glass of wine and snacks. Please make every effort to attend.

Best Kept Village

Judging for the Best Kept Village competition is now underway and the FORA group have been very busy keeping the village tidy, looking after the planters and revarnishing the benches. Things are certainly looking good! We can all help by picking up any litter you see.

Finally, let’s hope for fine summer weather throughout June but, in particular, on the 2nd.

— Andrew Walker – Chair, Roughlee Parish Council