Roughlee Parish News

Mar 2019 – Parish News

After a hint of Spring at the end of February we are now back to the usual wet weather as March brings more typical weather conditions. This makes it more difficult to identify the source of the running surface water at the bottom of Pasture Lane but United Utilities have agreed to carry out further exploratory works to find the source of the problem. Although this may cause some disruption to road traffic a solution may be in sight!

Parish Council

The March Parish Council meeting was a routine affair. Comments were made on two current planning applications and in one case we are asking for the use of traditional stone rather that timber cladding as proposed. The final decision will rest with the Borough Council.

FoRA, Litter Picking & Best Kept Village

The FoRA group reported on their recent meeting which was very well attended. The next one is on Thurs 28 March, 7.30pm at RVC. There will also be a litter picking day on 30th March as part of the Keep Britain Tidy, Operation Spring Clean, and initial work towards the Best Kept Village competition is underway. It would be very pleasing to build on last year’s success in the competition but introducing new improvements is not easy. The new wild-flower planters which are currently being built will help to show that the village is not resting on its laurels.

Habitat Protection

As part of the work funded by the Pendle Hill Landscape Partnership we received a further report from the Lancashire Wildlife Trust looking at grassland and woodland ecology networks within the Parish. This is part of the ongoing work aimed at raising awareness of habitats and to encourage the protection and enhancement of flora and fauna within our area. The provision of wildflower planting, including some by Roughlee School, will help to encourage and protect pollinators, many of which are in decline nationally. The next stage of this work is to identify linkages between habitats and, working with land owners, to look at ways to improve the protection of natural features in Roughlee.


Discussion on this item led to an interesting exchange about the need to balance work to raise awareness without attracting too much public access which could damage what we seek to protect. Sympathy was expressed for our neighbours in Barley where over exposure to visitors is undoubtedly damaging the enjoyment and amenity of residents. Evidence of this problem extends into our village where visitor parking reaches along Barley Road to as far as Happy Valley cross-roads.

Foraging Walks

Last year we organised a foraging walk to introduce villagers to nature’s larder which is all around us. Repeat walks are being arranged this year, the first of which is scheduled for Sunday 28th April. Details from Mary, our Parish Clerk.

Roughlee Primary School

Finally, congratulations to Roughlee school who have installed an impressive new sign which can be readily viewed from both directions. People have no excuse now for driving past the school without noticing.

— Andrew Walker – Chair, Roughlee Parish Council