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March 2017 – Parish News

At the meeting of Parish Council on 6th March we were very pleased to welcome thirteen villagers who attended to ask questions and express views. This was great to see and something the Parish Council wishes to encourage at all future meetings.

Bay Horse Inn

The item of most interest related to the future of the Bay Horse Inn. It is clear that most villagers want to see the retention of the pub which is as an important asset for both locals and visitors. Its permanent closure would be a grievous loss to the life of the village.

Two very positive things emerged from the meeting. First, it was agreed that we would seek to have the pub designated as an asset of community value and an application for this has been sent to Pendle Borough Council. The effect of this designation is to provide greater protection against the loss of the pub and allows intervention should the owners seek to dispose of the site for another purpose. Secondly, it was decided to set up a working group of villagers who would look into possible measures to secure a viable future for the pub. This group, chaired by Paul Dawson, will be independent from the Parish Council but will work closely to achieve what is a shared ambition which is to save the Bay Horse.

Other, more domestic, matters raised by villagers related to bus timetables and horse and dog muck on the footpath between Crow Trees and Judson Fold. These items have been addressed but the co-operation of horse riders and dog walkers is needed to prevent an on-going problem.

Friends of Roughlee Appearance

Nigel Brotherton reported an encouraging start to the reformed FORA group. A successful Operation Spring Clean took place on 4th March and the first meeting of the group was help on 8th March. The next meeting will be on 26th April at 7.30pm in the Village Centre and the next Clean-up day is planned for 28th May at 10.30am. If you want to help keep our village in good order please come along and get involved.


Another major item relates to the Council website. This has been looked after from its inception by James Starkie and thanks to James for his efforts in maintaining a very successful site. Changes are afoot because of new rules on transparency which mean we need to report on Parish Council activities on a much more regular basis. This means the website needs to be much more reactive in order to give up to date information. The website has, therefore, been relaunched and will be looked after by our Clerk, Mary, and Parish Councillor Simon Cronshaw. It is now up and running so please log in on a regular basis to find out what is going on in the village. The opportunity is there for you to get engaged and feedback.

Planning – Local Plan Part 2

Finally, the Parish Council is putting together a response to the Borough Council’s consultation of the emerging Pendle Local Plan, Part 2. This consultation is an important stepping stone in looking at the future of our village through to 2030. It will affect, for example, the number of new houses which could be built and where they will be sited. If not properly controlled there could be a significant adverse impact on the character of the area. As such the Parish Council is taking the consultation very seriously and will considering a paper on what response we should make. This paper will be displayed on the website but this is a matter of some importance to us all so please come along to the next Parish Council meeting, 7pm on 3rd April, and have your say.

— Andrew Walker – Chair, Roughlee Parish Council

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