Roughlee Parish News

May 2020 – Parish News

At the time of writing the Government guidelines relating to access to the countryside have recently been relaxed. One result has been the welcomed reopening of local car parks including the major car park in Barley. Early indications are that things are going well with visitors and local people following the social distance rules. The three local Parish Councils have agreed a revised code of practice prepared by the Pendle Hill Landscape Partnership and this has been published on the village websites and on Facebook. This code should allow all to enjoy the countryside safely.

Although some restrictions have been eased many are still in place and the impact on local businesses is increasingly worrying and in particular the Bay Horse and local B&B’s. I am sure that we are all looking forward to sharing hospitality with our friends.

Amongst the casualties is the cancellation of this year’s Best Kept Village Competition. Whilst this removes the focus for keeping our village in pristine condition the Parish Council will continue to support improvements and planting schemes where we can. We would also ask villagers to do their bit by picking up litter and keeping the area clean.

As a new venture the Parish Council held two virtual meetings using Zoom on the 4th of May. Not only were we able to see members of the Council we were also able to welcome members of the public. Although only one visitor “attended” the system worked well and will be useful until more normal times return. The agendas and minutes are available in the usual way so democracy is preserved! One of the meetings was the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council which we are obliged to hold annually to receive the accounts and elect officers for the coming year. Andrew Walker was elected Chairman and Collin Williams the Vice-Chairman.

The closure of the Village Centre has meant that our normal round of events has been lost including the annual plant sale which raises money for charity. Making full use of the new village greenhouse Ian Mortimer and Mary Reed arranged to grow a healthy supply of plants which were offered for sale on the village website. Amazingly the whole stock was sold within two hours and raised some £1025 which will go to the Pendleside Hospice. A great effort which shows what can be done in difficult times.

Finally I wish you all good health. No doubt we are all struggling to a greater or lesser degree but we will keep plodding on and, remember, the Parish Council is here to help in whatever way we can.

— Andrew Walker – Chair, Roughlee Parish Council