Roughlee Parish News

Oct 2019 – Parish News

As reported in last month’s news the Parish Council have made representations objecting to two planning applications, both for two large detached houses, in open land outside of the village boundaries. One, on land to the east of Thorneyholme Hall, was a resubmission of an application which had been refused by the Borough Council earlier this year and this refusal has now been appealed to the Planning Inspectorate. The Parish Council have commented on the appeal to re-inforce our objections. The resubmitted application has now been refused by the Planning Officer under the scheme of delegation because it was not materially different to the first application.

The other application was for land off Blacko Bar Road on the south side of the river. Whilst the applicants sought to show a local justification for this scheme it would have resulted in highly intrusive development in open land within the AONB. Following strong representations by the Parish Council this application was refused by the Barrowford and Western Parishes Area Committee.

The Parish Council welcome both of these decisions which emphasise the threat to open land and the importance of protecting the AONB.

New Greenhouse

As part of our Capital Programme funding from the Borough Council we have ordered a new greenhouse which will be sited in the grounds of the Village Centre. This will allow us to grow more plants for display and fund raising purposes. However, we do need volunteers to help with watering and plant care at busy times of the year particularly to cover for holidays. Nigel Brotherton or Mary Reed would be happy to hear from you if you can spare a few hours throughout the year.

Best Kept Village

Whilst the results have not been formally announced we know that we have not managed to repeat our winning ways in this year’s Best Kept Village Competition. We will receive feedback from the judges which will inform our efforts for next year. Whilst winning is good the main purpose of the competition is to engender pride in our area and engage the community in looking after village. The efforts of so many people in this year and previous years’ show how valuable this is. Thanks to all concerned.

Roughlee Village Centre events

Two important dates for your diary. The Halloween Festival will be held on Sunday 27th October. This will include a bar and café at the Centre with entertainment by the Stone the Crows Morris Dancers. The village Scarecrow Festival takes place on the same day and given the number of visitors this attracts we would really like to encourage villagers to participate to ensure a successful event. Further information and an entry form are on the website at Please have your scarecrows up before 10am for judging from 11.30am. If you don’t live on the inspection route, scarecrows can be placed at bus stops, benches, railings or plots at the Village Centre.

The second date is Saturday the 2nd November when the ever-popular Witch Wines tasting event will be held in the evening. This may be regarded as an educational event but it is much, much more. A great fun evening is in prospect. Look out for details.

— Andrew Walker – Chair, Roughlee Parish Council