Roughlee Parish News

Oct 2017 – Parish News

As required by publication deadlines I am writing this news item on 15th September but already there is a lot to report from last month.

Bay Horse Inn

The really great news is that the Bay Horse pub is now owned by Roughlee Properties Ltd, the company set up and funded by villagers. Shares in the new company are owned by over 50 villagers and individual contributions, some large and some more modest, have allowed us to purchase the building and to carry out immediate improvements. A Board of Directors has been appointed to take the project forward.

Work to bring the pub back to a good standard is now underway by a team of enthusiastic volunteers from the village, assisted as necessary by appropriate professionals. Discussions with a potential tenant are underway and a lease has been drawn up. The very realistic hope is that the pub will reopen in good time for Christmas this year.

Perhaps the most striking feature of the events following the closure of the pub last September has been the speed and enthusiasm with which villagers have responded. Amongst our residents the village has a wide range of expert and professional people. These skills, alongside the financial support, have been the key to success. On behalf of the Parish Council I would like to thank all who have contributed. This is a great example of a community pulling together to look after themselves and to overcome difficulties.

Stile Improvements

Another success to report is the improvement of 5 difficult stiles has been completed. These improvements have been financed by the Borough Council capital programme and undertaken by a local contractor, Neil Willson, who has done a fantastic job in very difficult weather. The stiles have been replaced by gates so that access is much easier and safer. However, following the rains of the past few weeks many of the footpaths are very muddy so please take care!

Superfast Broadband

The slow progress on the provision of super-fast broadband is causing much consternation amongst villagers who rely on this facility for work and other purposes. Despite promises of early completion the date for completion slips further into the future. The reasons for the delay are not clear but there is certainly a degree of “buck passing” by the parties involved. The Parish Council is actively trying to progress matters and an action group has now been set up by some villagers. You are welcome to join their first meeting at 7.30pm on Tuesday 10th October at the Village Centre to discuss progress and the next steps. We are also asking all villagers to complete an online survey at to give us clear evidence regarding the current situation and its local impact.

Best Kept Village

Our involvement in the Best Kept Village competition is still alive but at the date of writing the final results are not known. Whilst we hope for success there is no doubt that the appearance of the village this summer has been exceptionally good so involvement in the completion is worthwhile whatever the outcome. Thanks to FoRA and all who have contributed.

— Andrew Walker – Chair, Roughlee Parish Council