Roughlee Parish Council response to Pendle Local Plan Part 2

The Local Plan Part 2 will guide development and growth in Pendle up to 2030. It sets out the detailed policies that will be used to inform decisions on planning applications and identify sites that will be allocated for, or protected from, development.

Roughlee Parish Council has provided Pendle Borough Council with its response to this consultation, which can be read in full by clicking here.


The Local Plan Part 2, together with the Core Strategy which was adopted in December 2015, will form the basis for planning decisions for the period 2011 to 2030. The implications for the village of Roughlee could be profound and should be taken seriously. The village at present is split into two separate settlements, Roughlee and Crow Trees, each with its own defined boundary.

This current consultation, which runs until 7th April 2017, seeks comments on various aspects of the Part 2 plan. It offers the opportunity to put forward new development sites for inclusion in the plan. These sites, together with a large number previously submitted, will be evaluated against a number of criteria which will lead to an initial list of options which will be the subject of further public consultation, probably later this year. Following this consultation a preferred options list will be prepared.

Only sites greater than 0.25 hectares will be considered in the allocations plan and we know that some sites of this size have been put forward in Roughlee. Amongst the criteria to be applied in selecting sites will be access to services, flood risk issues and public utility constraints. These are all issues which may be relevant to sites in Roughlee. In addition to the larger sites individual plots and smaller sites (windfall sites) which are not specifically identified but which can be expected to come forward over the plan period will count towards housing requirement and these may be sufficient to meet the needs of the rural areas.

The consultation also deals with housing requirement by settlement. The Core Strategy identified a need for 5,662 new houses across the Borough for the whole plan period. This averages out at 298 dwellings per annum. This figure is then distributed across the main towns in the M65 corridor, the West Craven Towns and Rural Pendle. Of the Rural Pendle total the report suggests that Roughlee and Crow Trees should provide 3% of the total requirement, or 17 new houses over the plan period. This figure is adjusted to take account of commitments and completions to give a net requirement of 15 houses. More recent commitments and completions will count against this figure. The report justifies the 3% by saying that there have been only 3 housing completions in the past 11 years, that there is a reasonable amount of land available for new development and that the 3% will allow for the development of a limited amount of housing to meet local needs. However neither the Core Strategy nor the consultation document defines local need.

Another part of the consultation document deals with the review of current Settlement Boundaries. Across the Borough some review of Settlement Boundaries may be necessary to accommodate the housing requirement but, in most cases the existing boundaries should be maintained. The review should avoid the coalescence of existing boundaries. This implies that Roughlee and Crow Trees would remain as two separate settlements.

Further info

The latest edition of the Framework newsletter (click to access pdf) provides further information about the consultation. All documents relating to this stage of the consultation and details of how to respond can be found on the council website at

The deadline for receipt of comments is 5:00pm on Friday 7th April 2017.

Sites in Roughlee

Work on the site allocations plan started back in 2008. Since then a number of public consultations have provided people with the opportunity to suggest possible development sites to the Pendle Council for consideration. They also provided an opportunity for people to comment in these sites.

These will be assessed to determine their sustainability and ability to meet the development needs identified in the Core Strategy. Pendle Council will use the assessment to select the best sites to be allocated in the plan.

Of those sites previously submitted to Pendle Council, three sites have been proposed in Roughlee: