Roughlee Parish News

Sept 2017 – Parish News

Bay Horse Inn

August is generally a quiet month for news and this year is no exception. Arrangements to purchase the Bay Horse Inn are in the hands of solicitors and it is expected that contracts will be exchanged by the end of August. The other key element for a successful future for the pub is the appointment of an experienced tenant who will run the establishment of behalf the village shareholders. The search continues but the signs are promising. By the time next month’s News is written I hope to have more positive things to report.

Social Events

July saw two successful social events in the village. The annual Duck Race and Village Summer Barbecue took place on 22nd July and were well attended. The river was in one of its more gentle moods so the ducks drifted at a leisurely pace leading to an exciting race. If it had been a week later after the rain the race would have been over in seconds. Three prizes were on offer but guess who had the winning duck? Sorry about that! Thanks are due to the many helpers including those who donned the waders to chase the ducks downstream.

The following weekend saw the local production of My Brilliant Divorce, a highly amusing one-woman show. The Village Centre was packed for this, the second, of a new venture to diversify the entertainment offered by the Village Centre Committee. The next event, No Petticoats Here, will be on 14th October. Thanks to Simon Cronshaw for taking a lead for these events.

Alice statue

Alice is one of the prominent attractions of Roughlee and you may have noticed that the plaque which explains her background and history has been missing for some time. The plaque is in safe hands and will, I hope, be re-fixed very shortly.


As previously reported FoRA organised an extensive Balsam Bashing day in late June. A gallant group of (mainly) very mature villagers worked tirelessly to clear between the waterfall and Thorneyholme. However, by the middle of August vast fields of flowering Himalayan Balsam are present upstream of the village and the problem will surely return next year. This threat to native species will not go away of its own accord and we need further advice on how to tackle the problem.


Finally, on a more positive note, we have received capital funding from the Borough Council for the programme to improve five difficult stiles in and around the village. Work should be in hand by early September.

— Andrew Walker – Chair, Roughlee Parish Council