Calendar of wildlife days, weeks and events

Date(s) – may change every year, unless highlighted in bold – check websites for details:Event (and organizing body):
23rd December 2017 – 7th January 2018Festival of Winter Walks (Ramblers)
2nd January – 23rd February 2018Big Schools Garden Watch (rspb)
27th-28th January 2018 (last w/e in January)Big Garden Bird Watch Weekend (rspb)
2nd February 2018World Wetlands Day (Ramsar)
14th-21st February 2018National Nest Box Week (British Trust for Ornithology)
21st March 2018World Forestry Day  (United National General Assembly)
22nd March 2018World Water Day (United Nations Water)
15th April 2018 (tbc)Daffodil Sunday
19th April 2018Primrose Day (after Benjamin Disraeli)
22nd April 2018Earth Day (Earth Day Network)
6th  May 2018 (1st Sunday in May)International Dawn Chorus Day
1st – 31st May 2018Walk in the Woods Month (The Tree Council)
1st – 31st May 2018National Walking Month (Living Streets, Pedestrians Association)
22nd May 2018International Day for Biological Biodiversity (United Nations)
30th May 2018 (last Weds in May)International Otter Awareness Day
12th – 27th May 2018 (tbc)Be Nice to Nettles Week (CONE)
29th May 2018Oak Apple Day
1st – 7th June 2018National Volunteers Week (NCVO)
2nd June 2018 (1st Saturday in June)Butterfly Education & Awareness Day (Association for Butterflies)
5th June 2018World Environment Day (United Nations)
2nd June 2018 (1st Saturday in June)Butterfly Education & Awareness Day (Butterfly Association)
16th June 2018National Badger Day
14th – 22nd July 2018 (tbc)National Dragonfly Week (British Dragonfly Society)
18th – 24th June 2018 (Biennial – not in 2019 etc.)National Insect Week (Royal Entomological Society-biennial)
7th July 2018 (first Saturday in July)National Meadows Day (Plantlife)
29th  July 2018 (last Sunday in July)International Bog Day (established by the Scottish Wildlife Trust)
29th August 2018International Bat Night (UNEP EUROBATS)
21st – 29th July 2018National Moth Week (Friends of East Brunswick Environ. Comm.)
26th – 30th August 2018World Water Week (Stockholm International Water Institute)
23rd September – 23rd October 2018 (from equinox)Seed Gathering Season (The Tree Council)
28th September 2018Forest Stewardship Council Friday (FSC)
1st October 2018 (1st Monday in October)World Habitat Day (United Nations)
4th October 2018World Animal Day (Naturewatch Foundation)
6th October 2018National Badger Day (The Badger Trust)
8th October 2018UK Fungus Day (British Mycological Society)
27th October 2018 (4th Saturday in October)Make a Difference Day (TEGNA)
27-28th October 2018 (last weekend in October)Feed the Birds Day (rspb)
24th November – 2nd December 2018National Tree Week (The Tree Council)
27th November 2018Lancashire Day
1st – 2nd December 2018 (1st full w/e in Dec.)Tree Dressing Day (Common Ground)
5th December 2018International Volunteer Day (United Nations)
22nd December 2018 – 6th January 2018 (tbc)Festival of Winter Walks (Ramblers)